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LifeSlide! - Earn money unlocking your device! 0 0
LifeSlide! - Earn money unlocking your device!
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Hi there! We are two young developers with an idea you may like.
We've developed an Android app that is oriented to earn money by unlocking your device but not the way similar apps do. This app uses Android native lock screen and have a referrals system so if you get referrals you earn a 10% of your friends earnings AND a 6% of your referrals friends earnings. Our desire is that you can see ads from local businesses based on your location that may interest you. Don't panic! We don't store your location. Big Grin
At this moment we are basically using AdMob to show ads but our plans are to get rid of it and mainly show you local advertisements. Local businesses can contact us to advertise themselves on LifeSlide!
The system we are using on our app is based on "lives". 1000 "lives" are worth $1. Your own "lives" are calculated each day but you only can get paid when those lives are available which are verified the 20th day of the next month. The minimum amount you can retrieve is $2.
We are planning to give special rewards such as instant money if you can reach the top of our lists each month! We currently have 2 lists: Community Manager and Level of Addiction. The first one is where the user that gets the most referrals is rewarded and the second one is where the user that gets more "lives" wins. The current rewards are 10000, 4000 and 2000 "lives" for the leaders of the CM list and 2000, 1500, 500 "lives" for the Level of Addiction one.
We hope you like the idea of our app and we are waiting to read your opinions about it so we can implement any good idea you have and reward you when its implemented.
Promo code for our first 500 refbankers: LSREFBANKERS
LifeSlide! Play Store
We just started our journey today, join us and help us grow!
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