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Lexiadz 2.43 7
I found this on the Lexiadz site yesterday and i thought i would share it will everyone.

Hi members,
First of all, I am really sorry about all what you had to deal with in the past few weeks in Lexiadz.com because of the amount of backups that had to be taken to keep the site a live.
i promised all of you that i will explain to you about what happened in lexiadz in the near future, and that's what i will be doing below:

You all know that lexiadz.com started as partnership with me and agony554 (Roger Gooren) since 2 years ago exactly at June 2015.
Then we got separated at January 2017 (around 6 months ago) because i found some amounts get stolen by manipulating the monthly sites status, walls profits, adbanner network profits, monthly servers cost etc just to gain extra monthly salary, i faced him with the proofs and we decided that we can't stay partners anymore and ended it quietly to prevent any further damages.

As you can tell by now, he was my partner for around 2 years and during that period both of us were having full access to the sites scripts, database and files to work inside and improve the sites or fix any possible bugs we find,

after small periode of time, strange accidents started to rise once a wile, first one was that all members were deleted, then forum titles and topics were changed with 
"Scam site got hacked since it loves to suspend innocent people"
we opened an investigation to check the access logs and try to figure out what happened, incase you don't know, lexiadz script is heavily modified with over 30 thousand file and folder inside it,
one daily log history for the site was over 10 million logs, and to make it even worse, We found that most of implemented malicious backdoor codes were inside encrypted files to make the process even way harder, the process wasn't easy at all, but what i found inside shocked me because i never thought that could happen...

turned out that during those past 2 years, agony554 (Roger Gooren) was spending more time with implementing malicious backdoor files in the script than the tasks that he should finish, Here are some of his ways that we have found...

[b]and there is tons of older and newer logs and proofs, but what you saw above is enough to understand what was going on and how serious he was trying to destroy the site completely...

the last things he did recently: deleting all members that made any deposit, adding $3.00 for all members account balances several times.

I really tried my best with finding every single malicious code he implemented, but the script size VS the amount of damage agony was causing every few days prevented us from being able to work efficiently and stopped all our new upcoming projects to focus on finding every backdoor and log and close it...

Tens of thousands of dollars loses and damages in the past couple months and keeps increasing...
I have no idea when he will decided to stop or when we will be able to close every single backdoor he inserted or method he's using, but it will be finished soon since i won't give up and will never stop fighting for Lexiadz.
Also i am already working on opening a law case in the court for all the loses and damages caused by him so far, also will make sure that he won't be able to open any kind of legal company for the rest of his life very soon + paying the bill ofcourse. 

Now you all know his true color, Please stay away from this guy or his sites, he is the worst kind of people and the most dangerous one since he didn't had any gain or profits from trying to destroy other hard working people business.
Some of his recent sites:

Older websites:

and for the admins that he managed to convince to be there coders after we got separated or that received any file (specially if it's encrypted), Please stop dealing with him at once, and Hire professionals to check your script files and clean all the malicious codes he implemented inside...
i really hope that no one will have to walk in a similar bath as I did, because it's really painful.

We are still here because of you guys, i am really grateful and feeling blessed for seeing your trust and passion during all this years, Regardless all the above, Not a single payment got delayed for more than 1 day and we i will keep doing so no matter what.

Best Regards,
Lexiadz Admin

Last week my account was at $3.4075 when i logged to yesterday my account balance is currently $12.4186

I didn´t know where to put this on the forum if in the wrong place sorry

Dave Smile
Maybe that is true.
We moved LexiAdz to scam because, we clicked there for a year to reach $10(min payout) but they asked us to invest in order to get paid.
Best Regards,
Admin -
(05-28-2017, 09:32 AM)Admin Wrote: Maybe that is true.
We moved LexiAdz to scam because, we clicked there for a year to reach $10(min payout) but they asked us to invest in order to get paid.

Well i just thought should let everyone know here and what new sites this guy has created since parting way from Lexiadz

Dave Smile
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