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LarvaBux 0 0
[Image: banner02.gif]
Hey y'all! Guess who.  Cool 
URL: http://larvabux.net/?xref=elfz0r
Type: New/Paying.
Min. Payout: $4.
Processors: PayPal, Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, BTC (through others).

TOS fragment 5~6.4:
[Image: lF_2RPjqRtOaGtMN_R-qhA.png]

Admin's welcome post & explanation about PayPal unique safety:
[Image: 91ERrcLwQmGxGdV_KLHwug.png]

Dashboard: (after first day of clicks)
[Image: _5xxPOZbSOe4XnnFyPcdqQ.png]

Upgrades page:
[Image: MBkjPydLRjOhw3Ql_M_Q3Q.png]

Lookin' good to me. Can't promise it's safe but at least it's paying for now. Hope it is as legit as it sounds!

If you read it up to here, you rock! Cool Rolleyes 

Cheers, guys.
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