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      The internet bank "LAVABANK" is a unique financial product developed by the UK company Lava Asset Limited, with aim of indirect investments in various stock exchange instruments - stocks and options.
      A client of the "LAVABANK" (an individual) opens his or her private account with the "LAVABANK" (the opening procedure is intuitively understandable and takes no longer than a minute) thereby automatically becoming an investor. Then an investor credits an account with money thus creating the main saving account which immediately begins to accrue fixed income on daily basis (1% every 24 hours).After 24 hours - at 22:00 (UTC+1 Europe/London) - an income starts to be credited to the saving account automatically and become available to withdraw (the deposit capitalization).

Profit 1% daily
Automatic capitalization
Withdrawal of funds at any time
Minimal deposit - $1.00

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