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Kolotibablo (Earn for captcha solving) 0 0
Kolotibablo (Earn for captcha solving)
  • Site Type:  Paying
  • Min Payout:= Depending on the payment processor [Below is screenshoot]
[Image: Capture.jpg]
  • Needs Investment for Payout:  No
  • Per DR Click:= 10% of Referral Earnings [Below is a screenshoot of Terms]
[Image: Capture.jpg]
  • Upgrade Page:= No Upgrade Plans There Big Grin
Short Note about site:
  • Join this site with tradition of 10 years! Solve captchas and re-captchas without any limits per day! Members have chance to work as many hours as they want.
  • Site offers option for working in a web browser, or with an application you can download on your PC.
  • Captchas load very fast, and members have a lot time to solve captchas, so there is no need to type very fast.
  • Starting bid for text captchas is 40c per 1000, and for re-captcha pictures it is 1.2$ per 1000. Offers go up from the starting bid.
  • The site offers great bonuses for dedicated workers. Bonuses starts from 2% and can to go up to 25% on your earned sum.
  • Payment options: PayPal (min. $5 payment, within 48h), Payza (min. $1, instant), OKPay ($1, instant), BTC (min. $5, instant), and for members who want payment in RUR there is Yandex ($0.50, instant) and WalletOne ($1, instant).
  • It's a great opportunity for people who have free time to make some nice income and work as much they want.
[Image: odulpa98620.gif]
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