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How to win a paypal dispute against ptc sites
(10-15-2015, 11:16 PM)superknw Wrote: Hi, Quite some time ago i won a paypal dispute against a ptc site called ptcbong and this is how i did it.

First i claimed it as a virtual goods purchase. I'm hearing sites are now responding to paypal claims and saying it's a virtual good purchase (recently my6clix and realptc) lol. Don't worry as paypal now protects us from these purchases.

Here's the email i received from paypal which i put in my claim that i won against ptcbong

Paypal Dispute email

Beginning July 1, 2015, PayPal's Purchase Protection was expanded to include INR
(Item Not Received) and SNAD (Significantly Not as Described) coverage for
intangible and virtual items, digital goods and content, and services. All transactions
made globally on or after this date will be eligible for this new, expanded protection.

So use this when filing a dispute against a ptc site.  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: ptcbong_comment_in_the_forum_zpskhpdyewr.jpg]

[Image: paypal_dispute_on_ptcbong_updated_zpsrgurzjix.jpg]
hahaa. I have used this with a recent purchase a write my assignment website and guess what I got a full refunds. But this guys  did a great essay but I was trying to be nasty
The first thing you must know is that PayPal takes all the responsibility in giving back your bill amount to you as per bestessay review  . Because at the begin you accept all the terms while including your bank account to it and while receiving and send of money it is PayPal which take care of delivery of money into your account.

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