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How to win a paypal dispute against ptc sites 2.89 9
How to win a paypal dispute against ptc sites
Hi, Quite some time ago i won a paypal dispute against a ptc site called ptcbong and this is how i did it.

First i claimed it as a virtual goods purchase. I'm hearing sites are now responding to paypal claims and saying it's a virtual good purchase (recently my6clix and realptc) lol. Don't worry as paypal now protects us from these purchases.

Here's the email i received from paypal which i put in my claim that i won against ptcbong

Paypal Dispute email

Beginning July 1, 2015, PayPal's Purchase Protection was expanded to include INR
(Item Not Received) and SNAD (Significantly Not as Described) coverage for
intangible and virtual items, digital goods and content, and services. All transactions
made globally on or after this date will be eligible for this new, expanded protection.

So use this when filing a dispute against a ptc site.  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

See the step by step guideHow to open and win PayPal dispute against PTC sites

[Image: ptcbong_comment_in_the_forum_zpskhpdyewr.jpg]

[Image: paypal_dispute_on_ptcbong_updated_zpsrgurzjix.jpg]
thnx superknw for info i think this will help me to win dispute Wink
megarotator.com.hr(owner: medvid18) : http://megarotator.com.hr/offer
Can you post an example of whatever kind of explanation you placed on the dispute? Big Grin
it won't show me on paypal so i can't take a screen shot of it or anything. The only thing i really put was ptcbong wasn't paying and then i added the paypal dispute email i got to show that we are protected from virtual goods purchases as a lot of ptc sites are replying to the disputes saying they are virtual good purchases. I guess the ptc sites don't know about the paypal expanded protection as were now protected from virtual goods purchases as i've shown Wink
What a pitty it was not before when garena got my money.
wao tis is a good earnig best of luck
Sadly, I don't use paypal because, but thanks for the information
Paypal has declared war on PTC sites. Paypal can get into trouble.  Cool
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