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How to open and win PayPal dispute against PTC sites 4.33 6
How to open and win PayPal dispute against PTC sites
Hello Friends,

Today we are going to share our PayPal Dispute strategy that we used to win over 25 disputes against scam PTC sites.
So far, we opened a total of 28 Disputes but lost only 2 disputes and won over 23 disputes. Continue reading to learn how to open PayPal dispute Properly.

How to open and win a PayPal dispute against scam PTC sites?

Step 1: Login to your PayPal account then go to Summary page and find a box with a note "More about your account" on it.

Step 2: Click on "Resolve a problem in our Resolution Center" and then click on "Dispute a Transaction" button.

Step 3: Select the Transaction for which you want to open dispute and then click on "Continue" button.

Step 4: You will see a page with two options. Item Dispute and Unauthorized transaction. Here, Select "Item Dispute" and click on "continue" button.

Step 5: You will see two options again. Select "I haven't received my item" and click on "continue" button.
Step 6
: If you are on to the "Contact the Seller" Page then select "A service, a ticket or a digital good"

Step 7: In the provided box try to explain how you lost your money on a PTC site very clearly. Fox example: If you purchased membership on a PTC for 90 days but site lasted only 30 days then you can describe about it.

Example Content 1: I made this transaction on a PTC site called xxxbux.com to upgrade my membership and rent referrals. Xxxbuxsite was Paying in the beginning but now It has stopped paying and there is no way to recover my money, so on.... explain how you lost your money.

Example Content 2: I made this transaction on a PTC site called xxxbux.com to upgrade my membership for 90 days. This site was online and paying for 30 days but after that it stopped paying and because of that I lost 60 days of my membership service, so on....

Remember: Those two Example contents are just for example. You can write your own content. You can also provide them screenshots if you have any.

Step 8: Click on "Contact Seller" button. Now you have two choices either to wait for admin of ptc site to reply or you can escalate the claim for PayPal to review.
Remember: If you get no rely from admin for 3 - 7 days then escalate the claim to PayPal.

Step 9: To escalate the claim select "Other non physical goods" and choose "other reason described below" and click send button.

Step 10: If the PTC admin replies to the dispute saying that it was a virtual purchase and was delivered then try to explain that the good was not delivered completely and you lost your money. If you get no reply from admin for 10+ days then there is 90% chance to win the dispute.

Step 11
: The dispute may last up to 30 days or even more. If that admin of PTC didn't reply then you will win the dispute.

So this is how we own over 20 PayPal disputes against PTC sites. Hope this tutorial will help you in winning PayPal Disputes against PTC sites.

If You have any doubts then feel free to post your comment below, we are very quick at replying.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks for this tutorial
thanks this is very helpful
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