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How to earn form Refbankers ? 3.22 23
How to earn form Refbankers ?
(02-02-2016, 05:32 PM)Admin Wrote: Hello, Dear Member!

How to earn from Refbankers for free?
You need to do nothing to earn at Refbankers, Please read below to learn how, and I am sure you will be happy to know that such system exists.
  • You join and click on PTC sites, right?
  • What if you are paid for your clicks not just by PTC sites and by us too?
  • Do you want to earn extra free cash for your clicks made on each PTC site? Then you are at right place
  • As usual - You join PTC sites, click on them but many of them scam before you reach min payout, right?
  • You will still get paid for your clicks made on PTC sites after they scam, only at Refbankers. Please continue reading to learn how.
  • Instead of Joining PTC sites from Google or any other referrer, if you join PTC sites as our referral then your efforts will never go in vain because we reach min payout quickly and pay our referrals 70% from what we earn from them.
  • Suppose we got paid by a PTC site and you were one of our referral, suppose we made $1 from you then we will give $0.70 back to you. Isn't it amazing? In this way, you earned $0.70 for doing almost nothing.
         Example: Suppose you joined Neobux or any other PTC site as our referral, if we made $1 from you then you will get $0.70 as a commission for free.
  • We will continue to Pay you commissions for your clicks for a site until it scams, Also we give 70% of earning that we make from your upgrade or your purchases on PTC sites (condition apply 2.5).
  • Minimum Payout on Refbankers is very low = $0.10 and you will get Paid very quickly.

How can I join PTC sites as your referral?
Just read this, it is very simple and takes less than 1 minute.

More Advantages of using Refbankers?
  • You will learn about which PTC sites are Paying and which sites are not.
  • There is a ShoutBox on our MyAccount page, many of our experienced members share their success stories and strategies there. You can follow it to know about the status of PTC sites such as which are profitable and which are not and choose a better for Investment.
  • Refbankers is online and Paying since 2014, we never missed a single Payment and we will run until this PTC industry is alive.

Short Summary:
  1. Join Refbankers: Click Here
  2. Join listed PTC sites as our referral: See List
  3. Send your username and wait for approval: Learn how
  4. Get approved and start clicking on PTC site you joined: See types of Ads to click
  5. And as soon as we get paid from PTC site you joined, you will receive your 70% commission from us.
  6. Finally, Cash out your earnings via PayPal or Payza or Paytm or Goldmoney.
See the step by step guideHow to open and win PayPal dispute against PTC sites

If you have any doubts Regarding earnings at Refbankers then please reply below.
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