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HitClickFlow Strategy 2.38 8
HitClickFlow Strategy
HitClickFlow is scam now - It disappeared on March 3 2017

What is HitClickFlow strategy to make huge profits ?

  • If you want to earn high profits from HitClickFlow as a standard member then you should consider Renting Referrals because they are profitable.

  • Each RR cost on HitClickFlow is $0.20 and RR click rate for Standard members is $0.005.

  • BEP is 1.33 and the avg you will be getting as a Standard member is 1.8+ so you will making $15+ profit a month form 200 RR’s as a Standard member.

  • If you want to make huge profits form HitClickFlow then you should upgrade your account to Premium which costs $90 a year.

  • After Upgrading your account to Premium, you should start Renting Referrals which costs $0.20 each, The more RR’s you have the more profits you will make there.

  • The Max RR limit for Premium members is 2000, RR click rate is $0.01BEP is 0.66 and the RR avg for Premium members is 1.00+

  • If your RR avg is 1.20+ then you will be making ~ $0.10 profit form each RR and if you have 2000 RR’s then you will be making approximately $120 – $180 pure profit every month.

  • You can also earn huge profits if you have active Direct Referrals because as a Premium member you will be earning $0.005 form every click made by them.

For more Info, click on the below link.
Best Regards,
Admin -
This is great website, I have got cash from here, this is really profitable website.  I actually expect more information about this site, If you can please share more detailed post here.  Thanks for your informative post.
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