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Help.me admin 3 4
Help.me admin
Can some one explain to me in more detail about this I dont understand ?

Refback Details: Click Total your click recorded by us from GPT/PTC Sites. HYIP Site don't have this click amount.
Format: < Click >(< Un-procceed >)
Example: 100(30) - > This mean you had make total 100 Click and 30 click haven't procceed for refback
Refback Details: Value Value of Total Click we had earned from you as our referrals in PTC/GTP or HYIP site, this will be the amount we count for refback.
Format: < Value >(< Un-procceed >)
Example: $5(2) - > This mean we had earned $5 from your click and you had $2 haven't procceed for refback
Question: What is the different between Refback Details: Click and Refback Details: Value ?
Answer: Basicly it's the same, we use it to calculate refback reward for you. However on most site we use EARNED(VALUE) BASED to calculate refback, this more accurate because most site do have variable click value like Mini ads, Standard ads, Premium ads, etc.
Click Status: Refback Showing your % of Refback Rewards, if you had a membership then the percentage will be added here. Example: Standard site refback is 90% and your membership has additional +15% refback, this coloumn will show 105% this mean 90% plus(+) 15%.
Format: < Refback Percent >(< EstimatedEarning >)
Example: 80%($0.8) - > You current Refback is 80% and Un-procceed earning is $0.8 from your Un-procceed Value $1 (example)
Earned Amount that you has been earned by participate in specify refback rewards site, this amount already credited into your balance
Unclaimed Earning This amount will appear once we procceed your Click Status. Click CLAIM, this amount will be added into your balance and recorded into EARNED column.
Hello !

You seems to be a new member to PTC sites and it will be difficult for you to understand everything so quickly.
The above content can be understood by any PTC user if he reads once or twice.
So, for you it will be difficult in the beginning.
just monitor your process for some day and you will easily understand.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Ok thank you,admin why is buxnaw did not have in your types of ads to click to earn refback commission? admin I want to join clixbeauty,cashnhits,grandbux but already full and not available,admin is the in your refback is the same as in orther refback Or different?
Stop clicking on buxnaw they are scam.
You cannot join clixbeauty,cashnhits,grandbux because Direct referral limit has been reached on those sites.
What you you mean by "other refback"?
You mean by other refback sites?
Best Regards,
Admin -
Ohh OK so buxnaw is scam how about clixbeauty,cashnhits,grandbux because Direct referral limit has been reached on those sites.
Ohh I see
Yeah I mean orther refback sites I want to know if your ptc sites are different or the same with orther refaback sites?
PTC sites are same, but refback commissions, admin activity differs.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Ohh so I guess if i want to join the orthers refback then I have to if they ptc site is different then in the one that I already join thst is not a problem I guess
Admin is there any way to earn more money in here?
Sorry there are no other ways to earn at Refbankers.
The only way is to receive Refback commissions by joining sites as our referral and from your Direct Referrals of Refbankers (15% commission for all his activities)
Best Regards,
Admin -
I see then is there any way to earn over here more faster ?
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