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Help Need for business starting 2.8 10
Help Need for business starting
I have maded a website where customers pay for advertising their ref-links .
Here is Link of my website where is also in my signature : http://medvid18.wix.com/top-trusted-ptcs

My plan with my website is:
Bring very huge quality traffic to my website (with customers ref-links) for getting DRs.
To reach huge traffic customers must pay me fair price for advertising.

Want to reach 100k+ of traffic per day

Self promoting Compare with my website:
Self promoting are more exspensive than promoting on my website
Your sefl promoting on 1 or 2 site for expensive price that brings you not very huge traffic .
With my site can reach for low price and advertising on 5+ sites that will bring you very huge traffic.

Another Help Need:

I need someone who is good at calculating to calculate best stable prices.
Prices that i have puted are my average of seeing on ptc sites (advertising prices for 3 days).

Fisrt 3 members who send me $10+ will be moderators of my website .
megarotator.com.hr(owner: medvid18) : http://megarotator.com.hr/offer
That's a good Idea!
Hope you will succeed.
Best Regards,
Admin -
(10-31-2015, 08:37 AM)Admin Wrote: That's a good Idea!
Hope you will succeed.

thanx admin i will need it.
megarotator.com.hr(owner: medvid18) : http://megarotator.com.hr/offer
Realy nobody dont wanna help me?
megarotator.com.hr(owner: medvid18) : http://megarotator.com.hr/offer
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