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Golden Farm = Money Maker 2.33 3
Golden Farm = Money Maker
I found this site and I never left! It is easy, not a time consuming ptc, it is as easy as breath! 
All you have to do is subscribe here


and wait for the bird (that by the way the site provide!) to make enought eggs for you to withdraw. 
You don't have to check the website everyday, it is fine to check every week even every month! The birds will continue to produce eggs that you can change for silver and withdraw! Isn't this easy??

If you want to have a faster profit you may want to buy more than the one bird you get for free at the subscription, but the prices are very reasonable. The first bird is about 150 silver = 1.50 RUB and you can earn 5 eggs in 1 hour...
My advice is to buy the higher bird you can and then let it doing all the work! I bought 1 King Bird for 1500 RUB when the site offered +150% on deposits and now I earn about 80.00 RUB a day! You can always check the "calculate profit" and see how much you can earn from this site  Wink

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