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Galaxyclix 3.1 10
Just rented 250 rentals on galaxyclix for $62.50

[Image: galaxyclix_order_history_zpsif1gnnv8.jpg]
Here's an update. As you can see from my rental chart i got 126 clicks on day 1 and then 250 clicks on day 2. I also got $1.20 from the admin as well due to the issue with rentals  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_rental_stats_april_5th_2017JP...rfyoow.jpg]
Here's an update. I purchased the 90 day venus upgrade for $45 on april 9th. Now 5 days later i cashed out almost $50 and i'm getting over $46 after fee's. I'm getting my upgrade investment back in only 5 days Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Proof of Venus 90 day upgrade for $45 on april 9th

[Image: galaxyclix_venus_upgrade_zpsmu0c5qwo.jpg]

Proof of pending payment on april 14th only 5 days after purchasing the venus upgrade Wink Wink

[Image: galaxyclix_pending_payment_updated_zpsrm8sasn1.jpg]
Here's another update I cashed out $60 my max ($56+ after fee's) and it was only 7 days after i got paid $46+. Therefore i'm earning $60 a week         Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_pending_payments_updated_zpso5kxcrc4.jpg]
Check it out as i cashed out my $60 max only 4 days after my last payment  Wink  Wink

[Image: galaxyclix_pending_payment_3_updated_zpsau2qnkho.jpg]

Proof i was paid  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_3rd_payment_updated_zpsqcgsxjrm.jpg]
I just made another $60+ cash out only 2 days after my last payment. It just get's better and better  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_pending_payment_4_updated_zps5imvmtuc.jpg]
I love cashing out these amounts only 2 days after my last payments  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_pending_payment_5_updated_zpstr3idleu.jpg]
Now i'm winning the top prizes on the grid game   Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_grid_win_2_dollars_zpsrmu5hiy4.jpg]

[Image: galaxyclix_grid_win_2_dollars_updated_zps0ak7wvjg.jpg]

Here's what i won the day before  Wink  Wink

[Image: galaxyclix_grid_stats_won_78_cents_zps54isuvwt.jpg]
just got my 5th payment and it's $50  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_5th_payment_updated_zpsbnvt8ugp.jpg]
Got my 6th payment of $65  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

[Image: galaxyclix_6th_payment_updated_zps318gje8z.jpg]
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