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From 1$ to 50$ 2.33 9
From 1$ to 50$
Hi, this will be like a mini blog of my work with ptc pages and refbank.com, my goal is to get at least 50$ in my paypal account before the end of this year (December 31 2015).

This post will be a summary and will be updated every week, i will post more detailed info on next posts.

Starting money: 1 usd (on btc)
Goal: 50 usd (on paypal)

I start this on September and invest 1$ on paidverts but my internet provider have some issues and and I could not connect to the internet for 3 weeks, so i loose almost 4$ on BAPS here, fortunately i don't loose all my BAPS and i don't loose everything.

Wish me luck  Tongue

Note: English is not my native language but i´m working on improve it.

Stats updated 20/10/2015

Refback earned: 0.66 $
Refback cashed out: 0
PTC sites cashed out: 0

Ptc sites joined: 6
Ptc sites turned scam: 1
Ptc sites abandoned: 1
Good Luck!

Hope you will receive more than 50$ in your paypal account.
Best Regards,
Admin -
A sad update:

Clixmansion and buxept have problems and can be scam in few days, in buxior is almost impossible reach the minimum without referrals so i will leave it.

I only win 0.03 more from ref back so i´m on $0.66, too far from the 50$

I will try more sites soon.
Take some estabilished ones like NeoBux or useclix , Yeah sure its going 2 be pain in a back seat, but slowly and surelly u will hit jackpot (with a right strategy of course) ,
I also think clixmansion and buxept will be scam, it's a shame Sad
Well BuxEpt is sad one Sad , never tryed clixmansion so really don't know
So how about your target in the end of 2015 ??
Did you achieve your $50 ???
its hard to earn $50 as free member in 2 months even if you join 20 sites. but you can earn $50 only two months if you join clixsense.
well i cant earn 50$ on clixsense in just 2 months... i get a few clicks a day (3cent max) and 1 task every 2 weeks and only worth 1cent each or something... the only way i earn money on clixsense is by completing surveys... I want to get a lvl on tasking but every task i get doesnt count for the lvl so i am still a long way from getting lvl and with it, more tasks Sad
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