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Faucethub Dogecoin faucets 0 0
Faucethub Dogecoin faucets
Dogecoin value is rising.
So I'll be adding paying dogecoin faucets here.
The faucets I'm adding require a faucethub account and only registering with your dogecoin address and claiming, nothing else.

Here is the first one:


Claim every 15 minutes, 0.1 doge, 10% ref commissions.

I'll reply to this post with more faucets.

Here's another faucet, this one allows you to claim multiple coins, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, dash, etc.
Also, it has games to multiply coins, and 20% ref commission.


Multiple coin claim, 20% ref commission, games to multiply coin.

You should try the wapserv multicoin faucet in litecoin mode, plus they have 50/50 to multiply coins.
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