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Familyclix clicker team 0 0
Familyclix clicker team
Hello friend
I am creating a familyclix clicker team.
You can use the following link to join my team.
[Image: banner1.gif]

The refback will be 0.002/standard ads.
There are 4 standard ads for free user and 6 t0 8 ads for upgraded user.

It is hard to withdrawl as a standard user.
The cheatest upgrade is 3$ per month.
Need to click at least 10 ads daily to cash out.
There is a cashout limit for free members.

You can get payout daily .
High payment proof bonus posting payment proof especially in NBR.
You will get 1$ for every 5 payment proofs in NBR.
There is no limit for DR and RR for max upgraded members.

I hope this post will not violate forum rule.
If not let me know first.
Thanks you all.
Heart Heart Heart

FamilyClix was removed from our refback system so you can continue with your offer here.
Best Regards,
Admin -
Thanks admin
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