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Email from Dosbux 2.5 8
Email from Dosbux
Just got this email from Dosbux. Even though dosbux was limited by paypal the admin here at refbankers just got paid even Wink


As you know Admins of PTC sites decided if their accounts were limited this was the death of their site!
This isn't true! Many Admins that close their sites due to paypal limitations either gave up, didnt get limited or they didnt reply to paypals Questions. Every 6 months at least paypal sends its merchants a Business Update e-mail asking to update business details. if this isnt updated paypal has different information to your income and sales items e.t.c This causes paypal to limit members accounts. There is 14 days to contact paypal with the information they need then a 4 week review starts.
I know this because it happened to Dosbux!
Unfortunately we weren't accepted into paypal this time. But they have told me what i need to change to be able to transact with paypal again.

Our accounts have now been unfrozen (the freeze lasted 6 weeks)
So here are the following changes:
7 Referral levels are going to go...
Revenue Shares are going to go...
Purchase commissions will be Increased,
Referral Limits will be increased,
We are also going to add PTP in the next week. (more information Coming soon)

These changes will be made this weekend, and a new Review into our business activity should start soon after. once we are approved the only change will be Paypal being added for Deposits, The Paypal logo will be back on the front page and the Proof of Payment page will be back. (Paypal had to be completely removed from the website)

Also this weekend to increase activity Minutestaff will have an extra 50% payout and we will be running a Deposit bonus for all other processors!

Check out the forum for more information!

Remember Dosbux, instant paid Clix, High Paying PTC Sites & Random Adz will always pay. We will never go scam. We will also fight for our sites forever! We wont give up!
Show your support and vote for us on EMS:

Thank you all for your Trust and Support.
- Admin
That's nice Tactics form DosBux admin.
Hope they will succeed.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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