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Earnhoney - real review 3.17 18
Earnhoney - real review

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with it, Earnhoney is a reward based site paying it’s members for completing their large array of offers. It’s a simple and free way of earning money online.


For completing their offers, Earnhoney pays you in $HD (Honey Dollars). The conversion rate is 100:1 meaning 100$HD = 1$.


International (US users, obviously getting more ads than the rest of the world.)

Earning methods

I. Watching videos (passive earning)
You don’t have to actually watch the videos, you can just let your device autoplay them and get busy doing something else which makes it a good passive earning tool. Ads will get fed to you which in return will earn you HD$.

100-300 HD$/day (doesn’t sound much, but you don’t have to do anything for it).

Don’t forget to disable your adblock to get the ads.
International users (from non-english speaking countries) probably won’t earn much using this method due to lack of ads targeted for their location.
Reward numbers may vary from day to day.

II. Clicking on ads (newest earning feature)
Every 24h you get a series of ads you can click for earning a small amount of HD$ (personally I hope they’ll add more of these).

0.1-0.2 HD$/click

You don’t have to fill in a captcha or have the ad tab in focus for a period of time. You can just mousewheel click all of them at once and close them right away.
They are really fast to complete.

III. Surveys, short tasks, registering for services & more

The choice is yours, signup and browse the offerwall. It is quite diverse:
• Take part in surveys and answer questions about yourself
• Perform short tasks (crowdsourcing)
Example of tasks I’ve came across:
      Get the headquarters address of some company off its website.
      Sort pictures of clothes by type (V neck t-shirts, jeans, jackets, etc.)
      Audio transcripts
• Register for online services, install apps and more.

It varies a lot, from 10-300 HD$/survey depending on the dificulty and number of questions or up to 650 $HD for completing offers like registering for a service online.
When we talk about a task, pricing is done in accord with the necessary time to complete it and with it’s difficulty. A completed task may take you 2 minutes and you get rewarded with 0.04$ while another task might take you 20 minutes and earn you 3$ or even more. It’s all relative to the difficulty and time invested.

In case you are not eligible for a survey, you’ll get a small consolation reward worth $1HD.
Your answers on the survey questions should be consistent. The simplest way to achieve consistency is by answering truthfully.
Some days you will have 0 surveys to complete while others you’ll get plenty to get bored of doing them.
When you’re first starting, tasks don’t pay much. But as you complete more and more tasks you get better paying ones.

• Honeycodes will be implented starting with May 1st 2017. Find them on social media and redeem them for HD$.
• The daily give away program on their Facebook it’s on hault for now.
• Offers no membership program (can’t upgrade for extra benefits).
• Has a referral program.

• True passive earning watching videos.
• Good payment history and up and running for 2 years.
• Low payout.
• Registration bonus.
• Free to join.

• Slow customer service.
• Slow withdraw processing sometimes (but they do pay, just that sometimes you might end up waiting 5-10 working days for it, not so often though)

Amazon gift cards
2 $ for 200 HD$
5 $ for 495 HD$
10 $ for 990 HD$
25 $ for 2450 HD$
5 $ for 575 HD$ (for unverified paypal accounts)
5 $ for 500 HD$
25 $ for 2500 HD$
Donating to charity
You can chose to donate 500 HD$ to different charity organizations of your choice.

If you're interested in joining: Sign up
We will check it! Thanks.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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