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Earn Tokens From Cryptocurrency Mining 0 0
Earn Tokens From Cryptocurrency Mining

I believe that DIG coin will lead a new generation of cloud mining customers involved in encryption mining.The initial market value of the DIG coin is guaranteed with the cloud mining contract (or $ 0.50 if higher) and there is an additional 20% discount for those who purchase coins through our ICO. For more info visit

The acceptance of DIG coins will help to further strengthen block chain technology and world mining. Through the DIG coin, you can restore the watch under the influence of irresponsible power consumption. It also brings a great financial gain to coin holders.

 The solution offered by the DIG coin is designed to encourage the decentralized nature that encryption intended to provide so that people accept the competitive mining once again and that all the necessary to integrate the planet It has advantages.

The DIG coin eliminates this imbalance and brings a fair harmony for encryption mining. By procuring DIG coins and income with this ICO, we will launch a new cloud mining company called digital excavator that provides a significant discount on cloud mining contracts purchased with DIG coins.
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