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Earn 1$ per 200 Forum Posts/replies
waw, it's a good opportunity to make money by make a post / reply in this forum

great admin , thanks
(06-23-2016, 09:07 AM)Admin Wrote: Yes

What is the limit per day....?
There is no limit but we count only quality posts or replies.
How we know that our posts or replies have a quality to be count ...
Any minimum requirement to make a quality post or reply ???

(06-23-2016, 02:30 PM)Admin Wrote: There is no limit but we count only quality posts or replies.
The posts that say something like congratulations, good luck, nice job, etc.. Will not be counted.
Good News to help them to collect money from every where
you are awesome, this is defenatly the best site i could have found to help me with PTCs. Appart from getting a good amount to money back from behing a referal, we can also learn a lot and be up to date with all the trends and all the sites that turn scam. And as if it wasnt enought u also created inovating ways of rewarding your users, this 1$ for 200 posts might be hard to archieve but with time we will reach it and at the same time contribute with opinions and experiences that help others! Great initiative!
Wow. I never knew this. Good Job Admin. Thanks
I did not realize before how it works here

But now understand Thank you admin.
Admin, forum is good business. Continue with your website/forum. I have seen forum moderators who get paid upto $80,000/year. Smile  These forums do not pay their members for posting/posts. They earn lots of money from advertisements etc..

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