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Double Bitcoins in 96 Hours - Addbitcoin.net 2.25 12
Double Bitcoins in 96 Hours - Addbitcoin.net
Min Deposit : 0.001 BTC

Investment Plan : 200% after 96 hours

Payment : Automatic withdrawal

Referral commission : 10%

Register Here - Addbitcoin.net

[Image: addbitcoinbanner468.gif]
Do you have any payment proof , then post it , kindly.
You need to know - sites like that is almost always bullshit - they offer to much... think if you have for exempel 1 btc -
hundreds of dollars - and you believe you will get same amount in 96 hours??? This is so beautiful to be really...
never invest 1 btc , these sort of sites are hyip and they only long for 1.5 or 2 months , may be not more than that, so just invest the amount you can afford to loose....
Exactly, i don't invest even 0 there... better to earn slowly than "fast"
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