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Dosbux Point of View 3 6
Dosbux Point of View

Username: mystel

I'm Admin of Refbankers.com and We have a huge downline for dosbux and very active members too. we pay high refback for members. But the problem is if we can't withdraw then we cannot mark it as paying in refbankers.com since its against our rules. We just don't give refback, we are best PTC Monitor, many members and guest are depended on us for PTC Investigation. We will be in loss if we mark it as paying and go on giving 70% Refback.

Can I upgrade and withdraw it??

OR is their any other solution!!

Will be Waiting for your Answer.

Refbankers.com Admin 

Administrator, Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 10:17 AM
You got paid on the 13th via Perfect Money. This was paid as your member activity was good. I cannot afford to pay you for all your referral clicks as still 80% of your referral don't post on the forum, they only click the 4 ads you will pay them for. This makes them a drain on our site as they only care about the refback. These members damage us. I will be preparing a specific upgrade for refback sites..

20% clicks and 20% commissions. Better than some memberships but won't drain our resources
Best Regards,
Admin -
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