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Dosbux Email 2.13 8
Dosbux Email
Hello to you all!

Congratulations o the Referral contest winners, we are going to be paying out alot of cash this weekend! Many members have already made more than 100% ROI cashout! So get renting and earn well...

I have noticed more and more refback websites coming to this website despite our terms of service forbidding cashout for the owners of these sites.

5.11 We currently do not allow refback sites. All members who run refback sites must convert their earnings and spend them on the site. Their Referrals however, if not running a refback site will get paid.


Please read the terms, if you are a member and own a refback site please contact me. Your account will be setup with a refback Membership for life. So you can take advantage of our site without breaking the rules. (If you dont contact me and try top break he rules you will be suspended) REMEMBER! This is only for the owners. If you joined through a refback site you can continue to earn and be paid as normal.

We also have very good news! We are getting a new design this weekend so come and join the celebrations. There will be a small Maintenance period when we upload and configure the new design if you see this Maintenance sign then clear your cache (Search google to find out how) and you will be ready to see the new design. Everyone else if you clear your cache after reset tomorrow you should see the new design he next time you login.

I know this has been a long one, but i thank you for your support so far, and les see how quickly we can reach 100,000 Members?

- Admin
It will be a problem for us, lets see what happends
Best Regards,
Admin -
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