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Cryptomininggame a fun way to earn cash 0 0
Cryptomininggame a fun way to earn cash
It is more game-oriented, you can virtually undermine (the CPU is not used), and accomplish missions to increase your level.
In its new version, it is also possible to actually mine (from level 5).

It is also possible to make a deposit to buy virtual hash power without a minimum deposit amount.
The site offers to win bitcoin, litecoin and doge at any level, and also cash dash, ether and bitcoin premium (ie if you have a hash power greater than 1000).

The minimum withdrawal is 50,000 satoshis, 400,000 litoshi and 100 doge. By raising its level in the game it can be done quickly enough.
Payments are now made twice a week.
You can trade your coins on the site to reach the withdrawal threshold more quickly (according to calculation, the fees are about 12%).
There is also a daily bonus that can recover satoshi, crystals, hash power or energy, not to forget, because it rises fast enough (multiplier depending on the number of consecutive days).
A lottery for those who want to try their luck.
You can earn 10% of the earnings of your referrals with sponsorship

This faucet is quite innovative in its use is gives a playful side, the site is quite easy to use and the design is nice. I hope it will become a safe bet.

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