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(01-16-2018, 09:41 AM)Conan05 Wrote: Hi elfz0r, I joined under you  Big Grin

Thanks for the trust, bro!  Cool

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
Thanks for your congrats elfz0r

No i didn't promote it yet (was waiting after a completed withdraw) so i don't have any ref.

I just log everyday (for bonus) and start missions as soon as i can.

Also , i tryed real mining but there's some hidden mining script using too many CPU compared to earning , so i stoped it and play free mining game.

As you do , i exchange all cypto earnings to the currency i choosed.

I'm level 12 very soon level 13 with only 229 HPower.
Yes i hope to get the free prenium upgrade too

Hope many members will join under you Smile
Cheers mate, your words warms my heart. hehehe
you inspired me to focus on LTC. I noticed that 400k LTC is easier to get than the 200 DOGE or 50k BTC
I need about 40k litoshi and i'll be ready to withdraw!
unfortunately, haven't been so lucky with my missions/dailies as you did! hehehe
keep up the good work bro!
This is my stats for 2 days  Blush

[Image: crypto1.png]
[Image: crypto2.png]
I hope can grow fast like DH11  Big Grin
awesome man Big Grin you doing good. 1k HPower should look beautiful, even more with the fact you get premium status + free random referrals when 1k HPower reached!

keep it up! 8)
got paid today Big Grin
[Image: image.png]
wow, congrats elfz0r  Big Grin
thanks mate ♥ lovin' the game.
wtg Conan05.
congrats elfz0r.
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