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Cointiply [Faucet/Optional EPIC Reinvest Game] 0 0
Cointiply [Faucet/Optional EPIC Reinvest Game]
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Hey y'all!  Cool

[Image: cointiply_728x90.png]

URL: https://cointiply.com/r/PyvE

Timer: 1 hour.
Claim amount: 18~100,000 coins
Loyalty bonus: +1%/Day.
Ref. earnings: 25% from faucet claims/10% from offerwalls forever.
You can win a bit more coins playing games.  Wink
Minimum withdrawal amounts:
The minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 100,000 Coins. 
The minimim FaucetHub withdrawal amount is 35,000 coins.
The minimum withdrawal for DOGE is 50,000 coins.
Are there any fees for withdrawing? No. At this time, you will NOT be charged any withdrawal fees for Direct Bitcoin, Faucethub or DOGE withdrawals.

Claim amount:
[Image: image.png]
The Cointiplier enables you to earn more based on overall activity on the site. Everything you do from claiming to bringing refs, boosts the cointiplier.

My stats atm. Wasn't that much active... Smile
[Image: image.png]

Also, I saw that the health of the faucet was too low on faucethub so I sent a ticket earlier today. Swift response by admin:
[Image: image.png]

Hope you enjoy it! Cheers.  Sleepy
Looking really nice and smooth. The support response was inspiring.
Lil' up Big Grin

Yes this is a nice place.
Sorry was already member when you post here.
Didn't get paid for now.

Here infos given into ref page  Tongue

[Image: V03YAGJ.png]
ohhh, good stuff man!
its good that u can see exactly how much each ref earned you Wink
also, its ok that u joined before me hhahaha Big Grin
wish u the best of luck man! cheers
Screw Travis guys, join under me lol

Up so that you join under me xD


I assume my user ID is JAKB ? Can you confirm in your referral list ? Smile

I see it has a mining game as well similar to cryptomininggame, not sure how it works. Anyone made withdrawal yet ? Because I see value of coins is pretty high.
yes! It's JAKB.
Thanks for joining me Raz0r!
Yes, the mining game seems nice. I bought one 2.5k coins thing and pat it there. It's not that efficient but gives a nice idea. I think I'll get a 25k coins one instead of withdrawing upon reaching 30k coins.
Would only withdraw if my refs REQUIRE proof.
Sounds like a plan to invest in the mine tho.
Yes I would like to request to make an attempt of withdrawal. I apologize if it disturbs your plan but I just want to know whether its paying or not.

You can directly look at faucethub to know if this is paying or not.
Don't forget often faucets owner send more crypto to they faucethaub account , and caution when it's the first day of the week , you can do not find it if no members have requested a withdraw.

Follow instruction to find a faucet health :

[Image: MAYTN5b.png]
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