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Cheap advertising to get Direct Referrals 2.67 6
Cheap advertising to get Direct Referrals
About my website (questions and answers):
Q: How it works?
A: Customer buy advertising position,better position means better results.
Q: Do you selling referrals?
A: No, i dont selling referrals.
Q: Are that referrals bots?
A: No they are not bots, they are real people who are interested in your advertised ptc.
Q: Where our money goes?
A: Customers money goes to paypal account which i using to advertise my website.
Q: What is the diferent from self advertising and advertising on your website?
A: Diferent is when advertising on my website your ref-link will be watched between 5.000 - 50.000  visitors daily (depend on how much advertising places will be purchased), compare on self advertsing you will spend little more money for 3.000 - 5000 daily visitors. So diferent is here : $3 for 3 days advertsing spended on one PTC that will give you around 3.000 visitors per day which will give you around 9.000 visitors in 3 days. By advertising on my website you will get up to 20 times more traffic (traffic depend on how much advertising positions will be buyed , more positions - more money for advertising means more traffic).
Q: How can i buy advertising position?
A: You can buy advertising position by going to "medvid18.wix.com/top-trusted-ptcs" then in menu on left side click "Get Referrals" to open page where are positions and prices listed, then chose position and simply fill the form for your position you wanna advertise.
Q: How i can know that your site is working?
A: You can see on my website screenshots of Direct Referrals that comes from my site.
Q: Whether my ref-link will be instantly online?
A: No currently dont have that script, i updating and reviewing payments manualy, your link will be online in 24h unless that ptc is already taken by someone else (ex. someone buy position with same ptc that you wanna advertise), but will add that script someday in future.

So what are you waiting for, go to my website and advertise your ref-link.

megarotator.com.hr(owner: medvid18) : http://megarotator.com.hr/offer
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