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Buxic strategy 3.29 7
Buxic strategy
I invested $20 on 100 rentals and then was given the diamond membership for free as a promo from the admin.

I was making $1.50+ a day.

I've now upgraded to the ultimate membership for $20 + purchased another 200 rentals for $40.

Now i'm getting 350% from rentals and my account is already over $15+ in 5 days since i started investing there Big Grin

I've invested $80 total

Proof of my upgrade purchase and 200 rentals

[Image: buxic_order_history_zpsoplbxsjj.jpg]
Just to give you all an idea of how good the rental earnings are on buxic.

100 rentals cost $20 which means their .20 cents each.

Here's what I made in 1 day from some of my rentals

[Image: buxic_rental_earnings_zpsve74eymm.jpg]

anywhere from 6 cents up to 12 cents from each referral in just 1 day and i'm paying .20 cents a month for them Big Grin
Here's an update. In only 5 days i'm already in profit with some of my rentals.

Rentals cost 20 cents each and look their all above 20 cents which puts me in profit in only 5 days Wink Wink

[Image: buxic_rental_earnings_feb_28th_2017_zpspoa5jhd6.jpg]
Just made my 1st withdrawal from buxic and as you can see after just 5 days of investing $80 i'm getting it right back Big Grin

Here's a screen shot for proof and to show the fee's on buxic

[Image: buxic_withdrawal_fees_updated_zpslgqd25xn.jpg]
Great! You motivate many members and your earnings are really Awesome!
Best Regards,
Admin -
avg is to low
works if you are upgraded
standard or diamond dont work wel
I'm diamond on Buxic and I earn 3$+ in a day wit 100 RR. I think, You avg will rise friend.
(03-04-2017, 08:34 AM)freelancer99 Wrote: avg is to low
works if you are upgraded
standard or diamond dont work wel

I was earning $1.50+ a day with diamond membership and only 100 rentals as that's how i started out.

My 1st payment was over $80 and 3 days later i just cashed out another $70. ($70 divided be 3 days = $23.33+ a day  Wink ) so it's worth upgrading to ultimate for $20  Wink  Wink

Here's my 2nd pending payment and as you can see it's only 3 days later as i got my first payment on feb 28th

[Image: buxic_pending_payment_2_updated_zpsueot2cuq.jpg]
Just got my 2nd payment however it's under another 24 hour paypal review. Once it clears i will post my payment proof

[Image: buxic_2nd_payment_under_review_by_payal_...pbnfn3.jpg]
(03-04-2017, 08:34 AM)freelancer99 Wrote: avg is to low
works if you are upgraded
standard or diamond dont work wel

Here's an update with my rentals and as you can see i still have 20 days left and i've more than tripled my profit with them. i have only 3 with zero clicks and they were auto recycled for free since it's been 10 days (notice the ref since date is 03-03-2017 and all others are on 23-02-2017). Not sure how member freelancer99 thinks the avg is to low Huh  Huh  Huh I've tripled my profits in 10 days. Even when i had the free diamond membership i was still making $1.50+ a day with just 100 rentals. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

[Image: buxic_rental_earnings_march_5th_2017_zpsosqwfk4n.jpg]
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