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BuxInside Strategy ! 1.67 3
BuxInside Strategy !
What is BuxInside Strategy to earn very fast ?

► To earn very fast at BuxInside, you need to follow the strategy that I’ve been following to make $16
+ a day.
► First upgrade your account to Premium Membership which costs just $1 per month or $10 per year.

► Next, you need to purchase a “Fixed Ad Direct Ref click” Addon of value $0.02 or $0.01 or $0.005 EPDRC as per your requirement.

 Next, Purchase a “Bonus for Direct Ref. Deposit” Addon of value 2% or 4% or 6% or etc.. according to the number of DR’s you may have. This addon is very accurate and gives your a % of Deposit commission form your DR every time.
► Now start buying Direct Referrals at just $0.30 per each DR. These DR’s you purchase are very active, they also deposit and make you earnings. Look at my earnings form few of purchased DR’s.

[Image: TBHilpr.png] If the DR you purchased didn’t click any ads for 90 days then you will earn $0.10 cash back.
► From the above image you can see that in less than 20 days I earned $1.17 and $17.19 form a single purchased DR, form clicks and Deposit respectively.

 You can also promote your referral link to find high quality Direct Referrals.
 Note – Direct Referrals at BuxInside can be very very profitable if you buy proper “DR click” and “DR deposit” addons and have good quality DR’s.
 You wouldn’t believe, As on 20 Oct 2016 I made over $2500 form just DR’s in 7 months at BuxInside which is incredible.
 You can also earn High profit form Rented Referrals on BuxInside, few of the members there already earned over $2000 from RR’s, but you need to manage them properly. I don’t rent RR because I don’t have time to manage them so I always go with DR’s. (Read forum for RR strategy)

For more info click the below link : http://bestptcsites.refbankers.com/buxinside-review/

Best Regards,
Admin -
im very happy to be part of buxinside family
now still collect my money at another PTC
& wanted to get the yearly upgrade
Nice strategy, too bad i have no way of getting direct referals and my money is behing invested on other sites. Maybe later i will try to rent referals here. Anyway, im still waiting for a response about the 3 USD that i paid them that didnt go to my purchase balance, i will then upgrade and win a few bucks
@shadowangel69, you should have got response by now, anyway admin seems to be busy these days.
I was just paid today too by BixInside, manually via Payza. BuxInside is been very very successful PTC for us ever.
Best Regards,
Admin -
(11-07-2016, 09:00 PM)Admin Wrote: @shadowangel69, you should have got response by now, anyway admin seems to be busy these days.
I was just paid today too by BixInside, manually via Payza. BuxInside is been very very successful PTC for us ever.

Yeah i got a response now, they did refund my money. It didnt get accepted cuse my paypal is not verified (had no idea about this Confused)
Great! Thank you!
I will try it!

Gyozo Hudak
admin, this strategy stiil effective to used??
Dr strategy still works but RR strategy may not work because of expensive addons
Best Regards,
Admin -
Totally forgot I could get 0.10 for inactive directs. Had over 30 so I got money to purchase add ons. Also purchased more directs

How many stars do you have admin?
As of now I have 4 stars,
At one point I had 1+ Million points. 3.5k Direct Referrals but points were reset twice and most of my DR's stopped clicking.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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