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Bits2u 0 0
URL: Bits2u
Type: Paying.
Min. Withdraw: Automatic at 0.004 BTC.
Needs investment? No.
Notes: This is a PTC/PTP/Mining site. At the moment, I'm testing but I saw some member speak on the shoutbox that he got paid the other day so I started clicking there. Since I couldn't find a thread, I opened one, because the idea of the site seems to be really nice in an overall.
Atm I'm trying to reach enough earnings on the site to purchase 31 2uhash (mining power) which generates daily according to the current BTC price. (I sent a ticket yesterday asking if u could buy 2uhash with earned btc only and he replied today saying that yes, u can, and the min. 2uhash one must buy is 31.)
PTC gives 250sat/click. 30 sec ads.
U can vote 3 times to get a few more sats as well.
The PTP gives 1 sat/visit. Max 5k visits/day will be credited.
I'll post updates once I manage to reach enough balance to purchase 31 2uhash.
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