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Bitcofarm -Paying 3 5
Bitcofarm -Paying

Free Bitcoin ? Paying
Click ads, buy animals, collect eggs and start to earn Bitcoin!
You get bored to working with thousands of rental referrals at PTC sites? Don't waste your time, just rent ONE chicken instead of hundreds of rental referrals, collect eggs everyday and start to get FIXED INCOME!
- Up to 300 Satoshis Per Click
- Up to 200% Per Ref Click
- Earn daily 0.001 up to 0.0021 BTC from your each chicken's egg
- Buy a cow and start to earn extra up to 1.35 BTC in a month
- 0.002 BTC Minimum payment: INSTANT PAYMENTS!
- Up to 20% Referral Upgrade Bonus
NEWS: the 14th of February opened the Cake Shop for farmers who want to make a big investment!
You can buy a worker and get up to %40 pure profit from them!
You can buy maximum 10 Workers, so you can invest 4.6 Bitcoin (5 Bitcoin for first month) and earn 6.45 Bitcoin end of the month! So, you can get 1,85 Bitcoin pure profit for your 4.6 investment!
Maximum Worker you can rent: 10 Workers
Daily Cake: Every Worker makes 1 Cake every day
Worker price for first purchase: 0.5 Bitcoin
Price for Extend Worker +30 Days: 0.46 Bitcoin
Sell Price of 1 Cake: You can earn 0.0215 Bitcoin to sell your Cake
NEWS: the 3rd of March added two new chickens for low investors!
White Chicken
Monthly Price: 0.010 BTC
Daily Egg: +1 White Egg
Per Egg Price: 0.000410 BTC
Monthly Earning: 0.01230 BTC
Monthly Profit: %23 Pure Profit
Black Chicken
Monthly Price: 0.015 BTC
Daily Egg: +1 Black Egg
Per Egg Price: 0.000625 BTC
Monthly Earning: 0.01875 BTC
Monthly Profit: %25 Pure Profit http://bitcofarm.com/home?r=Futurenet1
[Image: banner1.gif]

Today we started our #12th point contest!

Duration is 10 days!

Total Prize 1.260 BTC!

Check out the contest:http://bitcofarm.com/point_contest

You can earn points by click advertisements and open Boxes!!

Good lucks for all members!

And here is the 11nd point contest's winners:http://bitcofarm.com/point_contest?id=11
[Image: banner1.gif]

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