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Best digital asset trading at https://chainex.io 0 0
Best digital asset trading at https://chainex.io
I'm really happy with the chainex service.They provide professional support through experienced digital assets and a team of experts in block chain technology. 

In my knowledge, ChainEX is proudly a private enterprise in South Africa and currently South African Rand uses South African Rand to provide a platform for purchasing, trading or trading 20 digital assets only digital asset It is an exchanger.
As the world of digital currencies is gaining more popularity, the public’s desire for more digital coins cannot be quenched hence ChainEx is poised to match up this colossal appetite with its trading platform.
The future is bright at ChainEX as we continuously work on improving the ChainEX exchange by providing a trading platform that is secure, user-friendly and reliable with a well-tested, highly scalable matching engine.
ChainEX Offers a flat rate of 0.25% transaction fee on all buy as well as sell orders regardless of the volume traded.
This is a really good digital asset exchange platform. From now on you can bring real benefits to the digital asset exchange platform.
for more info visit at https://chainex.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChainExIO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChainEXIO/
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