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BTC Clicks
Hello Admin,
I have been a member of this website for a while now. I have been paid many times. Now the content you asked for.

  1. Site URL: BTC Clicks
  2. Site Type: PTC that earns you mBTC
  3.  Payout min.: 0.1mBTC
  4. Investment: No investment needed
  5. Per Click: lowest click i have seen is 0.00009mBTC to 0.00031mBTC. But it changes everyday.
  6. Per DR click: 0.00007mBTC
  7. I am member of BTC Clicks but I forget a lot to go there and be active. Not a big fan of these PTC sites that pay in mBTC. I find that many PTC sites that pay with fiat currency pay more than mBTC. But, beside me not being an active member it is a good site. But you can reach payout here on average every 3 days you can earn 0.1mBTC. Just in case you need to know as of today (August 16, 2017 @ 9:30am EST) 0.1mBTC=$0.4130520000000001 USD.
  8. Upgrade Page
I have a few more PTC sites that pay in BTC. But, I must get ready for my golf praise as I have a tournament in the Azores, Portugal. FFFOOOORRRREEEE or in Portuguese QQQUUUAAATTTRRROO. LOL. I will be back later on to add a few more.
Nelson Da Silva

[Image: btcking1.jpg]

Thanks for your suggestion but BTCClicks was already added to our site 2 years ago.
Best Regards,
Admin -
(08-16-2017, 08:53 PM)Admin Wrote: @CptSilva,

Thanks for your suggestion but BTCClicks was already added to our site 2 years ago.

@Admin. LOL I didn't even see it in your refbanker site. And I have checked p[retty much all the sites you have, I guess I just missed it. Sorry about that bro.
Nelson Da Silva

[Image: btcking1.jpg]
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