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Are these sites scam ? 0 0
Are these sites scam ?
I was searching these sites in the search bar but couldn't find any info, are these scam ?

Bits2u (N/A)
Prokik  (N/A)
Clix4BTC  (N/A)
DimondClix (N/A)
Strongbux (N/A)
buxxter (N/A)
Legacyclix (N/A)
Aurumclix (N/A)
Cleanbux (New)
tutituriptc (N/A)
Buxnificent (N/A)
InfiniteAdz (N/A)
zidbux (N/A)
AdzBTC (N/A)
Ownclix (N/A) 
NozeyRotator (N/A)
dixned (N/A)
CashCamel (N/A)
ebitbux (N/A)

We didn't add those sites in our refback system and we don't review them.
we only add sites which seems promising and has good referral commission rates.
Best Regards,
Admin -

Thanks for explaining
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