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All about PTC sites | List of top and best Paying PTC sites | legit PTC sites 3.05 20
All about PTC sites | List of top and best Paying PTC sites | legit PTC sites
[Image: banner_01.gif]

On this page you are going to find answers to all the questions about PTC sites, you will learn how to earn from best PTC sites and you will also find some Paying PTC sites.

Let me tell you, earning from PTC sites is very simple, even a 12 year old can earn from PTC sites if he/she have access to a PC or a Laptop with internet connection. In this post you will find a way to earn from PTC sites right from the beginning, no experience is required at all. Just continue reading!

You will find answers to the below questions and other questions on this page:

Here is a list of top and best Paying PTC sites of 2017

1: Neobux: Neobux is a Paid to Click advertising service that connects advertisers and potential customers from around the world. It is over 9 years old and paying PTC site, created on March 25, 2008 and it is the biggest paid to click service and one of the most successful.
Nick name: King of PTC sites.

[Image: 2tTe1.png]
Pay Per click = up to $0.02
Pay Per DR click = up to $0.01
Min Payout = $2
Current status: Legit
Instant Payments via PayPal, Payza, Neteller and Skrill

2: ClixSense: ClixSense is a Paid to click and advertising service which was launched in 2007. ClixSense offers commissions up to 8 referral levels. There are many surverys to earn from this site.
Nick name: Queen of PTC sites.

[Image: clixsense_gpt2016e468x60green.png]
Pay Per click = up to $0.02
Pay Per DR click = up to $0.01
Min Payout = $8
Current status: Legit

Instant Payments via Payza, Neteller, Payoneer, Paytoo and Skrill

3: FamilyBTC: FamilyBTC is a paid to click advertising service launched in 2017. FamilyBTC is owned by the same admin of FamilyClix. FamilyBTC pays only in bitcoins.

[Image: banner1.gif]
Pay Per click = up to 20 Sat
Pay Per DR click = up to 50 - 100%
Min Payout = 0.0004 BTC
Current status: Paying

Payments via Payza and BitCoin

4: BuxInside: BuxInside is a very unique paid to click advertising service launched in 2014, Re branded as BuxInside in late 2015. BuxInside is a registered company in UK and it ranks under 10k as listed by Alexa.

[Image: e-1002654]
Pay Per click = up to $0.10
Pay Per DR click = up to $0.02
Min Payout = $2
Current status: Legit
Instant Payments via PayPal, Payza, GoldMoney, Skrill and BitCoin

5: HeedYou: HeedYou is a paid to click advertising service launched in 2012, heedyou was formerly known as clicks-fx. HeedYou is a very unique and  trusted PTC site. If you are searching for cheap advertising services then heedyou is the best place.

[Image: advertising.png]
Pay Per click = up to $0.10
Pay Per DR click = up to $0.01
Min Payout = $1
Current status: Legit
Instant Payments via PayPal, Payza

6: Difbux: Difbux is a paid to click(ptc) advertising service launched  July 2017, It runs on its own custom script. Difbux is one of very fast emerging ptc sites in 2017.

[Image: banner_01.gif]
Pay Per click = up to $0.005
Pay Per DR click = up to $0.0005
Min Payout = $
Current status: Paying
Instant Payments via Payza, PerfectMoney

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites stand for Paid To Click sites. A PTC site is a website which pays it's members for clicking ads which are displayed on their website. Each ad can be viewed once in every 24 hours. The ads which are being displayed on PTC sites are purchased by advertisers, who purchase advertising credits from PTC sites to promote their website or any other material.
To understand this clearly, suppose John created a website and he wants others to know about his site. He reaches a PTC site to advertise his website for some money. Now the PTC site will show a link of John's website on it. A member of PTC site can click that advertisement. after viewing the displayed advertisement the member will get a certain amount of money which can be seen on my account or dashboard page.
Depending on what PTC sites you click on, you will have a number of ads to click on, most of the time there are about 15 ads in every 24 hours.

  How many types of PTC sites are available?

There are 4 types of PTC sites, we divided them based on their Paying status and launch date.
1: New PTC sites: New PTC sites are those which have just launched and these sites can either end up paying or simply scam. 
2: Scam PTC sites: these sites don’t pay you any money for clicking ads, they just cheat all the members who click ads. When you reach for minimum payout, you will request for Payment and wait for your money to get credited in your account, but they won't pay you and finally, you will realize that you have been cheated by those scam PTC sites.
3: Paying PTC sites: these sites doesn’t have any problem with payment and always paid to their members in time.
4. Legit PTC sites: The PTC sites which are paying since 1+ year without any issues are called as Legit PTC sites.

How can I register a account for myself on each PTC site?

Simply click one the banner of the PTC site you want to join, after clicking on the banner you will be directed to the official website of that PTC site. Then look for these words:  Register or Signup or Join then click on it and complete the registration process. Remember: try to use same username for all PTC sites but don't use same passwords on anyone of them.

How much do I need to pay for registration on a PTC site?

Registration on all PTC sites are free of cost, you are not required to pay anything for registration.

Can I register more than one account on a PTC site?

No, if you do that the the PTC site will block both of your accounts, IP address and your Payment processors. You are allowed to have only one account per PC/IP address.
You can create two accounts if you have two PC's with two internet connection.

Can I access PTC sites on my mobile and can I click ads on them?

Yes, In modern times most of the PTC websites allow ads to be clicked on mobile phones too but, Neobux still don't allow it's members to click ads on mobile phones. Please view TOS of each PTC site to know if you are allowed to click ads on your mobile phone or not.

  Can I register my account in more than 10 PTC sites?

Yes  its depend on your time, you can register as many ptc sites as you want, if you want to spend 1 hour time on this online job, better to start with 20 PTC sites, in you want to spend 1:30 hour, you can register in 30 PTC sites. if you register in more PTC sites, you can earn more.

Check this: How to earn money from home

  How can I start earning with PTC sites?

After completing registration process in all PTC sites , simply login on each PTC site with your username and password. It will take you to MyAccount page where you can see your account balance, initially it will be zero. Click on view ads tab. (In some sites it will show you click ads or earn money, click on it.) Then, it will take you to page with ads. You have minimum four ads in each paid to click sites. Start clicking ads and earn money.

  How much can I earn daily and monthly from PTC sites?

By clicking on the ads you can earn from $0.001 to $0.01 per click. You will get minimum four ads in each paying PTC site.
If there are 4 ads on a site with value $0.01 then you can earn:
$0.01 * 4 ads = $0.04 daily
$0.04 * 7 days = $0.28 weekly
$0.04 * 30 days = $1.20 Monthly
If you are clicking on 20 PTC sites daily then your monthly income will be $1.20 * 20 = $24. You can make hundreds of dollars monthly(like I do) too but you need to be experienced and have a good amount of referrals.
Earning money only by clicking on ads will not make you good income so read below to learn how to increase your income from PTC sites. 

  How to earn more money from PTC sites?

There are 3 important ways to increase your earning.
1:   Find Direct referral
2:   Rent Referral
3:   Upgrade your membership

A Direct Referral is a person who joins a PTC site through your referral link. If you have more direct referral then you can earn more.
What is a referral link? After you register your account on any PTC site, that specific PTC site will generate the referral link for you.
You can find your referral links for each PTC site:
Find for words like banners or Promotional tool or Referral link on your dashboard and click on it. You will find your referral links there. Your username will be present at the end of the link.
If someone click on your link, it will directly go to the main page of the site, if they register their account on the site then automatically they will be your direct referral forever.
So, if they  clicks any ads then, they can earn, and you will also earn from their clicks.
After you get more direct referral, it is better to upgrade your account in PTC site from Standard membership to premium membership because if you upgrade your account, your earning from your clicks and also from your referral clicks will be increase.
You can increase your earnings by purchasing Rented Referrals. Rented Referral are people whom you can rent for 30 days. Rented Referral are sometimes not profitable so it is better to go with Direct Referrals instead of Rented Referrals.

How to receive money from PTC sites?

In order to receive payment from PTC sites it is compulsory for you to create an account in online payment processor like PayPal, Payza or PerfectMoney or Advcash or BitCoin or Skrill or Neteller or anyother processor.
When you request payment from PTC sites, then the PTC sites will transfer your earned money to your Payment Processor account, Payment Processors will charge some amount as a fee for each transaction(about 1% - 10%)
There are many payment processors, but the most of the PTC sites transferred your money via PayPal and payza.
After you received the money from PTC sites into your payment processor, then you can transfer the money from your payment processor to bank account.

What are Trusted PTC sites, Profitable PTC sites, Best PTC sites, etc..?

Trusted PTC sites: The ptc sites which are known to be from a trusted source(admin) or the PTC sites which are paying all of their members on time and has gained trust.
Profitable PTC sites: The ptc sites which are profitable in terms of Rented Referrals ie you can make profit from these sites if you rent referrals or by other methods.
Best PTC sites: Best ptc sites are generally combination of Trusted and Profitable PTC sites.

How can I make more money from the clicks I make on PTC sites?

You can earn more money from your clicks made on PTC sites through a site called Refbankers. Refbankers is a Refback site  which will give you best Refback commissions if you join PTC sites as their referral and click on them. Refbankers is a very Trusted Refback Reward program on the internet, since 2014.
Click on the following link to learn how to earn best Refback

Where can I find review of Latest PTC sites?

We review each PTC site that we add to our site. You can find review of latest PTC sites from this thread.

Short Summary - How to earn from PTC sites?

Register on a PTC site you wish to join: see a list of paying ptc sites above

Login to your account daily and click all the displayed ads

If you want to earn more then refer other people, rent referrals and upgrade your account

As soon as you reach min Payout, enter your payment address and click on withdraw of cashout button

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► See: Review of PTC Sites
► Find Latest Paying PTC sites
► Find New PTC Sites
► Find Latest Scam PTC Sites
Refback - To make double income from PTC sites: click here

If you have any doubts regarding PTC sites  and Refbankers then please comment below.

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