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Adzpool 1.5 4
I found my Adzpool account at $0 today. Yesterday I had $1.563
This has happened to other members as well.

Sorry for the typo error... the site is ADZPOOL and not Adspire.


The site has been sold and the members stats have been reset to zero. Below is the statement from the new Adzpool owner.......

"Hello members,
I am the new Adzpool Admin, My name is Marcus from Austria.
I have bought the site from the previous owner (Anton), but i didn't bought its debt and members, there for the site will be reseted and Adzpool will start over again with a new launch and different plans.
Adzpool is my first ptc site so i will make sure to rock this site with the focus on affordable plans and stability."
Did you contract admin of that site?
Best Regards,
Admin -
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