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Adimav is same admin from 2centads and viyads
It does look like it's the same admin from 2centads and Viyads. I won some disputes against 2centads and viyads

I added some funds to Adimav and here's the paypal details

[Image: Adimav_added_funds_updated_zpscgxyw8xe.jpg]

Now here's payments i received from 2centads and Viyads

[Image: 2centads_1st_payment_updated_zpsmv9ia7ma.jpg]

Also member pakearner was in my downline on 2centads and never clicked a single ad and received large payments. He's also a member of Adimav and is receiving payments there as well.

Proof pakearner was in my downline on 2centads and has 0 clicks.

[Image: 2Centads_referral_pakearner_zps8ihkguwz.jpg]

Proof he was getting paid on 2centads without clicking a single ad

[Image: 2Centads_payment_proof_page_may_9_part_2...cshmci.jpg]

In order to earn from referrals you need to click 4 ads to earn from referrals the next day so how can member pkearner get $100 payments when their not clicking   Huh  Huh  Huh

Here's the payment proof's page from Adimav and look who got the 1st payment there PAKEARNER   Angry  Angry  

[Image: Adimav_payment_proofs_page_zpsjwbllu3v.jpg]
Thanks for your information, we will monitor and move it to scam as soon as possible
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