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AdFiver is scam? 3 3
AdFiver is scam?
They claim they are a registered company in Delaware, but they registered the site itself in California. Using a mail box rental for the address in California. Most likely faked for their Whois and site registration.
If they are truly in the USA then my question is ...why is one of their fixed self-sponsored ad saying the offer is not available to my region? I am in the USA so obviously they are not since they are self-promoting it.
Paypal account less than 4 months old. So careful with your investments.

This is most likely from a repeat scammer. Probably FuseBux/KayAds scammer or wannabee. Either way this one will not last and not a site I would recommend.
Yes, you are right adfiver is from old professional scammer of Probux, fusebux, zapbux, kayads.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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