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Account suspended in ClickyClix 3 4
Account suspended in ClickyClix
The admin told me that my account is suspended because I clicked on the cheat link (BOT ad). I'm almost sure that I didn't. But I'm human and it is normal someday to click this ad accidentally. Now I talk with the admin ot unblock my account. Be careful with this cheat link in the site.
The admin unblock my account. This is the answer:

Actually I just needed your consent that your aware and will be more careful, that's pretty much it.

I will have your account up and running in about 5 minutes, please be careful next time.

I am a human too so we speak the same language.

A fee for clicking a cheat link does not really solve the problem, because upline that creates the bot still gets the referral click earnings.
It is the way it is for many security reasons, unfortunately I cannot disclose all of them, but please understand this is there for a reason.

Sadly as my post states, 80% of the people that got suspended were bots... I don't think if you were an advertiser you would want bots
to waste your credits or hard earned money that is used to advertise something.

Hope you understand.
Good to know that your account is unblocked again.
Best Regards,
Admin -
I don't like sites which use that system Sad
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