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About PTC sites | List of Trusted PTC sites 5 1
About PTC sites | List of Trusted PTC sites

This section is only for PTC sites. Discuss everything related to PTC sites. You can added a PTC site as soon as it is launched.(no duplicate threads allowed)

New to PTC sites?
then this guide will give you some knowledge on how PTC sites work.

What are PTC sites?
PTC stands for paid-to-click. Advertisers pay money to PTC sites for displaying their website/links and these PTC sites pay money to members who view those advertisements.
Learn more about PTC sites: inconite.com/best-ptc-sites-list.html

You can earn from PTC sites from following ways:
1: View advertisements
2: Rented Referrals
3: Direct Referral
4: GRID or AdPrize
5: Offers & PTSU, etc..

Here is a list of some Trusted PTC sites:
1: Neobux
2: Difbux
3: Optimalbux
4: ScarletClicks

Here are some Payment Processors required for PTC sites
1: Payza
2: PerfectMoney

Good Luck!
Best Regards,
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