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About Neobux 2.5 4
About Neobux
Hello, I will be posting an investing strategy for neobux since it is the "PTC KING" and one of the few honest sites that pay instantly.

I will be as quick as i can.

Don't believe in those "neobuxstrategy.com" etc sites, they are just want to get referrals. There is no way you could earn real cash with neobux if you don't invest a huge amount of money.


1) You need Gold membership to earn otherwise you'll lose. So .... Gold=90$
2) There is no way your average will reach 1,3 per day. You will mostly get 0,7 - 0,9 per day.

My Investing Plan:
You have to buy 2000 rented referrals instantly which means:
250x0,20+250x0,21+250x0,22+250x0,23+250x0,24+250x0,25+250x0,26+250x0,27= 470$+90$(Gold)=
=560$ and you have 2000 rented referrals (for 1 month) and a 1 year gold membership so since you already have a 1 year Gold membership you just need to extend your rented referrals for 240 days (the maximum you can) and you will also have a 30% discount. So:


470$ (for the first month) + 470$ x 70% (the Discount is 30% that means you'll pay the other 70%) x 8 (months = 240 days) + 90$ (Gold membership) = 3192$


2000 (rented referrals) x 0,01$ (per rented referrals click when gold membership) x
270 days (the first 30 days + the next 240 extended days) x 0,8 (your possible average) =
= 4320$

You invested 3192$ and in 9 months you got 4320$ (+ 3 months of golden membership)
4320-3192 = 1128$

Clean Earnings:

1128$ for 9 months.

*I didn't calculate your own clicks neither the points you can use.
*I am not 100% sure if you can rent so many referrals instantly.
*Paypal dispute rules, so i guess you don't have to be afraid of anything.
I was searching for something like this, I will sure take your strategy in to consideration after my B-tech(2-2 sem) exams are over.
I was always thinking a way to invest on neobux.

Thanks for sharing!
Best Regards,
Admin -
Are you following this strategy?
and what about recycling price per day we need to spend on inactive referrals?
Best Regards,
Admin -
I don't follow this strategy yet but i will, once i get enough money to invest.

Some things that i forgot:
1) Don't turn autopay on because you already have a 30% discount (when you extend your rented referrals for 240 days) so you don't need the autopay discount.
2) I only used my points for recycling, it costs 93 points per referral so if you click all your ads every day you can get 40 per day (my clicking average is 40,3 clicks per day).
3) I recycled only the referrals that have been below 1,00 average for 3 - 5 days.

I personally failed at Neobux because i've been following all those ridiculous forum "strategies". I had reached 70 rented referrals having a good RR average of 1,00 per day (70x1,00x0,05$=0,35$ per day) but i still had to pay those money for extending my rented referrals. So i didn't earn anything.

I am now letting my rented referrals to expire (the penalty is 0,02$ per rented referral for standar members), collect some Neobux points and once i get enough money (from my job) i will use my strategy.
Admin, i am sorry i made a big mistake on my calculating there, i am gonna edit it, plz read again.
But Still 1128$(approx) profit in 9 months in good!
Best Regards,
Admin -
Yeah, but .... "some people" will say that if you invest 3192$ in Mytrafficvalue you'll get:
3192 x 170,2% = 5432$ in about 3-4 months without any "rented referral not clicking" problem Cool
Yeah, but the only disadvantage about paidverts is that it has lots of ads to click.
Best Regards,
Admin -
(05-06-2015, 09:43 AM)Admin Wrote: Yeah, but the only disadvantage about paidverts is that it has lots of ads to click.

No, i am not speaking about buying ads on Paidverts, i am speaking about MytrafficValuve's invest section.
Don't tell me you didn't try i, It's like a hyip. The only disadvantage is that they don't work with Paypal.
Many told me about MyTrafficValue but I never tried that.
I may try it in future but first I want to make refbankers big.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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