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About GPT sites | List of Trusted GPT sites 0 0
About GPT sites | List of Trusted GPT sites

This section is only for GPT sites. Discuss everything related to GPT sites. You can added a GPT site as soon as it is launched.(no duplicate threads allowed)
If you are adding a new GPT site in this section then make sure that you write at least 100 words explaining about it.

What are GPT sites?
GPT stands for Get-paid-to. At GPT sites you can earn money by

1: Completing offers
2: Taking online surveys
3: Online shopping
4: Watching Videos and more..

Here is a list of Trusted GPT sites:
1: ClixSense
2: Swagbucks
3: InstaGC
4: PointsPrizes

If you have some other trusted GPT sites then you can free to add them in this section

Almost all of the GPT sites pay via PayPal.
Best Regards,
Admin -
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