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1Katoshi 0 0
URL: 1Katoshi
Type: New/Paying.
It is a faucet in which u can roll a dice every 5 mins. U can earn between 1~1k satoshi per roll.
U get some nice welcome bonus. I rolled 977 moments ago and got 1k sats! Tongue
I'll screenshot the numbers and all for u to look and decide if u wanna give it a try.

U can earn 25% from ur ref. claims.

Login every day to achieve bonus!

Bonus increments every day you enjoy 1Katoshi, never stop logging in or you will lose your bonus multiplier.

I wish you all the best of luck, and thanks for joining under me! Smile
[Image: image.png]

On the left is my total claimed ^^ some of it r welcome bonuses and alike. Hope y'all join me!

Also, min payout is 100k sat! Shouldnt be too hard to reach.

I'll post a proof here when I manage to reach min. payout!
Found out u can claim 10 times/day. This clarifies that it is really paying. I find it a nice limit, since the claims are high.
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